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We all love a good stretch but what about during pregnancy?

Stretching is beneficial for every single one of us and can help immensely during pregnancy to alleviate some of the common aches and pains you might experience as part of this journey.

Here's some of those benefits:

  • Can help you stay fit

  • Can help strengthen your spine and core muscles

  • Can help you stay relaxed

  • Can help prepare your body for labour

Why not try doing just a few stretches every day to reap these benefits?

A simple childs pose, cat cow and thread the needle may sometimes just do the trick as well as giving you time to focus your thoughts and bring a moment of calm to your day.

During pregnancy and the initial few months postpartum you may find it beneficial to spend a bit more time on stretching and mobility.

Be mindful of the presence of relaxin in your body and the potential for you to overstretch to avoid injury. Apply a mild, moderate stretch within a normal range of movement.

It’s best practice to incorporate stretching as part of any exercise session warm-up and cool-down.


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