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Personal Training

​​Personal training is available as a 121, Duo or Group.

I would love to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with a particular focus on improving your functional strength fitness - exercise which mimics our everyday movements.

Training / movement typically uses a mix of resistance exercise e.g. bodyweight, resistance bands and dumbbells as well as cardiovascular exercise. Mobility, flexibility, core stability and breathing techniques are also an integral part of all personal training sessions.

Personal Training for Prenatal and Postnatal Women

Are you pregnant and looking to build your strength and endurance

for birth, motherhood and beyond?

Here's just a few benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

  • Helps to prevent diabetes of pregnancy

  • Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure problems 

  • Helps control weight gain. 

  • Improves sleep quality

Are you postnatal and looking to regain your strength and fitness after having

your baby / babies? Here's just a few benefits of postnatal exercise:

  • Time for you - reduced worries and may help prevent postpartum depression.

  • Improved tummy muscle strength and tone.

  • Helps to lose the extra weight that you may have gained during pregnancy.

  • Boosts mood

What do mums do? They squat, lunge, lift and carry so we need to train those functional movement patterns. ​

I would love to help you keep strong and fit, achieve your goals and experience all those positive feelings associated with exercise during one of life's most important milestone's. Having exercised through both of my pregnancies and postnatally, I also understand the importance of exercising safely and effectively during this exciting life stage.

Personal Training for Older Adults

Are you looking to...?

  • Maintain independence and daily function e.g. lifting, carrying,

bending, kneeling, walking, stair climbing

  • Improve quality of life (mental and psychological wellbeing)

  • Improve balance and coordination 

  • Improve and maintain strength (in muscles, bones and joints)

  • Increase joint stability and improve your posture

  • Prevent or manage disease e.g. osteoporosis, heart disease

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Improve confidence and boost mood

Resistance based exercise can help older adults achieve all of the above. If performed twice per week as per the latest government guidelines, significant benefits can be gained.

I would love to help you feel stronger and better equipped for the physical challenges of everyday life; whether you're carrying a week's worth of groceries up the stairs, placing a bulky object on an overhead shelf, or simply getting up off the floor. 

So...whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or an exercise novice, whether you prefer a more personalised 121 experience or to exercise alongside others, check out the services available below or please do get in touch if you're after something more bespoke.

Older Adults Personal Trainer, Epsom, Surrey
Prenatal & Postnatal Personal Trainer, Epsom, Surrey

121 Personal Training

In Person or Online

  • A 121 1 hour session

  • 10 session package available:

Face to face at your home, garden, local park / outside space or


Duo Personal Training

In Person or Online

  • A Duo 1 hour session for 2 persons

  • 10 session package available:

Face to face at your home, garden, local park / outside space or online.

Group Personal Training

In Person

  • A private group 1 hour session for 3 or more persons:

   Face to face at one of your home's, garden, local park /outside space.

PPN Speciaist PT
OA Specialist PT
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