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In your first trimester and unsure about approach to exercise?

Whilst it depends on how active you were and what exercise you did before becoming pregnant, generally, during the first trimester, low impact moderate intensity exercises are ideal. E.g. walking, swimming, bodyweight exercises, stationary bike cycling.

Running or jogging may be appropriate if you were already taking part in such activities pre-pregnancy.

High impact, high intensity exercises which make it difficult for you to talk should generally be avoided in pregnancy.

If you didn’t exercise regularly pre pregnancy, then it’s a great time to get into a habit that could serve you well for the rest of your life!

If you’re thinking about starting any new exercises or workout routines, it’s best to start gradually and if you are unsure of any specific movements that you should avoid, do speak to your GP.

As when doing any exercise and particularly during pregnancy, ensure you stay hydrated, stay cool and stop or avoid exercise altogether if you experience any pain or are feeling unwell.

*The above is assuming you have an uncomplicated pregnancy and are not presenting with any contraindications to exercise*


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